Well sadly the Titans run of chaos has ended. I will miss it, but they put up a hell of a fight and even looked like they could have won that game for a while. Mike Vrabel still has his hog. At least in real life. It is now Draw Play Canon that Mike Vrabel is smoother than Varys the Spider. Godspeed, dickless.

No I won’t apologize for this comic I had to talk about Mike Vrabel’s sausage at least once.

Congrats to the Chiefs, a team that appears to start slow and then show up in the second quarter and beyond. Pat Mahomes is back to his MVP looking self and I am thoroughly pumped to see it. After the TD shortly before half where he ran it in down the sideline on a scramble, it was hard to see the Titans winning the game. You can tell when a team just has it. The Chiefs stifled King Henry (First of his name, slayer of patriots, eater of crabs, Titan of Braavos) and pulled out another comeback victory that didn’t quite actually feel like a comeback.

I’m really happy for Andy Reid. I hope Andy gets his ring more than really anybody else involved in the game. He’s the best coach in NFL history without one and I want to see that walrus get it. He joins what I suspect is a very small pantheon of coaches who have won both an AFC and NFC championship game. Actually now that I think about it who else has done that? I can only think of Bill Parcells (Giants/Patriots).

I hope to see the Titans back in the mix in 2020. I think this team is really likeable and they should be proud of what they accomplished this year.