Joe Burrow is cool as shit.

I’ve already seen some blowback on the Joe Burrow hype train, but I don’t care. Joe Burrow rules. I love Joe Burrow. I will continue to love Joe Burrow until he wins a Super Bowl and then keeps going back to the playoffs year after year and I tire of his face. Right now? Joe Burrow kicks ass. Hype trains are annoying, but they aren’t really reasons to hate a player. That’s more of a media problem. Joe Burrow can’t help or stop being cool as shit, but Cris Collinsworth can certainly shut his yap more.

That’s probably the part of least excited for with this Super Bowl, but Collinsworth fangirling over his beloved Bengals and Joe Burrow is probably a more acceptable alternative to him just slobbering over Mahomes knob some more. Mahomes is now 5 years into his career and the praise, while still valid, is getting tired.

Yes, I saw the Brady retirement news, yes I saw the Brian Flores lawsuit, Yes I saw Josh McDaniels the Raider, and yes I just saw the Washington Commanders name got officially leaked a day early. Lotta shit to get through as well as the usual Puppy Comic. Gonna be a busy few weeks.