Super Bowl week fellas! Get crunk! It should be a a good one. If you are a reader of any length here you probably already know who I’m gonna root for. I’m all Chiefs, baby. Even though I know like 3 total Chiefs fans and watch football with a bunch of 49ers fans I am still rooting for Chiefs because I will always root for the team with less recent success. The Chiefs haven’t won a super bowl since #4. It’s far enough back in time that most people currently alive have no memory of it. Out of every team to win a bowl, only Jets fans have waited longer for a repeat. Go Chiefs.

I’m gonna be honest though, I don’t think the Chiefs are going to win. I’m actually legitimately confused by how many people think they will simply because of Mahomes and offense. I know Mahomes rules and makes football super fun to watch but…that has been like, red flag #1 in every past Super Bowl prediction for a decade. The flashy fun offense wows everyone that they ignore there is more to the game. The Rams were supposed to be amazing on offense. Defense won the game. The Falcons were amazing on offense. You could argue defense eventually won that game. The Panthers were supposed to stunt on the Broncos. Defense won that game. The Broncos were supposed to stunt on the Seahawks. Defense won that game. Even the Eagles/Pats shootout that didn’t feature much defense was still effectively won by a strip sack. Don’t get caught in the flash of offense, because offense doesn’t win this game. If we get a big shootout, defense is going to win this game. Probably. Nobody would call me great at predicting tbh.

I just think this is a bad matchup for the Chiefs. Mahomes is going to be running for his life from that D-line and sure, it’ll be cool and fun when it works, but constant pressure takes a toll. The 49ers, who are also a massively talented and explosive offense that is based more around scheme than hero ball from the QB, is built to run the clock and keep Mahomes off the field while scoring every drive. I don’t think the Chiefs have the defense to match up with Shanahan’s scheming unless he goes full Falcons again and gets pass happy with Jimmy G. The 49ers are going to control this game, and it’ll be a matter on how creative and heroic Mahomes gets. Live by the Mahomes, die by the Mahomes. At least Mahomes is a fucking great weapon to have.

So yeah, I’m rooting for the Chiefs, predicting the 49ers. I want to see Mahomes get a ring. I reaaallly want to see Andy Reid finally get that ring. I want the game to end on a last second TD pass that only happened because Dee Ford lined up offsides on the last play. I want to see more points than last year’s fun smothering. I don’t want to see what ends up happening with Mr Peanut and I hope he stays dead. Fuck Mr Peanut.

RIP Kobe