Ugh. Another year, another collective case of NFL fans pulling their collars and making the “oh boy that’s not good” expression. Tyreek Hill, already confirmed for scumbag in many people’s eyes, has now officially gone and over-confirmed it for the rest of us who thought that maybe he changed.

Tyreek was recently put back under investigation for an incident that involved his son somehow breaking his arm. Shortly after that, the audio tape came out of the mother telling Tyreek that his son is terrified of him. He calmly responds that she needs to be terrified of him too. According to the mother later in the tape, she claims the boy claims “DADDY DID IT” and Tyreek brushes it off. WHELP! I guess someone had to take up the mantle left void by Adrian Peterson? The worst mantle in sports.

Can’t say I was surprised. Saddened, sure. Surprised? The guy did punch his pregnant girlfriend in college. He didn’t have any incidents after that which made folks more than willing to forgive him because he owned up to it and kept his head down (but more importantly he played football good). Now it’s clear that was probably just good advice. Don’t deny the crime, apologize and ball out, people will forgive you. You know what? I would have. One mistake is something you can come back from as a person, even if you can never be fully trusted again. It was pretty easy to overlook Hill’s first crime because he did seem to own it. But so much for that. Any goodwill he earned back is gone now. Hill’s lawyers released a couple text messages that seem to suggest the mother did it, but the texts lack context, read like they feel a bit off and even if true, the very real words you hear him use against her in the video should be enough to sour anyone’s opinion on the man.

Unfortunately Tyreek isn’t as expendable as Kareem Hunt is so he’s still on the team. I imagine he won’t go anywhere. The NFL will suspend him for several games, he’ll come back for a playoff push, and the Chiefs will be fine. After all, maybe they need less help on offense to make up for the problems on defense now, because they signed Frank Clark! You know, Frank Clark. The guy who got kicked off Michigan after he punched his girlfriend in the face. The Chiefs are uh…certainly having difficulties with their image right now.