The Cardinals offseason has been such an unprecedented clusterfuck. Even up to the moment they did it, I still wasn’t sure they’d actually draft Kyler. Josh Rosen was shipped to Miami a day later, and the new era officially begins.

Seriously has anything like this ever happened? I only remember one other time a team managed to fire a coach after one year, with the Browns firing Chud after a bad season. Normally I’m all for giving coaches multiple seasons because you can’t find a winning formula or form a culture if you are constantly vacating the offices. It certainly didn’t help the Browns. But getting saddled to a bad coach or bad QB can ruin a franchise for half a decade and just make you wish the team pulled the trigger much sooner (like the Jags with Bort and Gus Bradley).

I did not have any particular issues with the Cardinals firing Steve Wilks. He looked so incredibly lost, and in some ways maybe Steve Keim and the Cardinals should be commended for recognizing their mistake so soon and moving on. Of course, they also made that mistake to begin with. For better or worse, Keim has now fully committed to the Kliff Kingsbury vision, and I imagine he’s going to live or die on this hill. If this hill doesn’t work out, he’s going to go down as a huge idiot, especially if Rosen turns into a stud. But if Kyler does work out and this team finds an identity and moves forward…then the gamble paid off. This is a huge risk and I’m genuinely interested to see what happens. We’ve got the future right here and it’s either a trainwreck or a success.

I feel the most for poor Josh, even though he’s smart enough to recognize that in the grand scheme of things, he’s doing okay. Rare to see such a good perspective from a kid.  But he’s been pretty fucked over. He fell in the draft (a bit), and the Cardinals traded up to grab him. He got stuck in one of the worst situations in football and performed about as well as you’d expect a rookie thrown into a volcano to perform. Then all of this complete nonsense happens and all of a sudden the team who believed in him is telling him he’s not worth the effort. Keim fucked up big time with Rosen, wasting a trade and a pick and essentially getting very little in return for him because they didn’t actually do much to move him before drafting Murray and tanking his stock. The Dolphins now get a top prospect who has a year of NFL experience under his belt for surprisingly cheap.