It’s contract negotiation time in Arizona! You know what that means! Petty Drama!

Kyler scrubbed all the Cardinals information from his Instagram! What could this mean? Could he be the next Julio Jones, who did the same and then forced his way out of Atlanta? Or maybe he’s pulling a Giannis Antetokounmpo, who did the exact same thing and then signed a big fat contract to stay on the Bucks. Whichever way you slice it, removing team flavor from your Instagram is probably the most petty, silly thing an athlete can do in negotiations but it keeps happening. Just keep the damn pictures up. Is there really no other way to let the public know you are unhappy with your contract and threaten them? You could, you know, just say it. Enough passive-aggressive notes Kyler everyone can see what you are doing down there.

On the other hand, as is expected during contract negotiations, Kyler is getting criticized by random sources within the organization! Kyler is selfish! Arizona is trying to accommodate him but he’s just being so petty.

It’s all the same crap every time. Remember how Dak was a problem for Dallas before they signed his big fat extension? This will be the same. A lame proxy war online between unnamed sources and social media posturing to try and drive a player’s value up or down on the negotiation table. It usually goes in the player’s favor with an extension, eventually, the question simply ends up being how good a bag did the player get.

Kyler will get his bag. The Cardinals are stuck with him, for better and worse. They’ve been a major late-season disappointment two years straight now (especially last year after going all-in and starting the season so strong). Kyler is clearly good enough to win. The problem seems like Kliff to me. His team is getting figured out and they can’t overcome late-season trials. But Kliff and Kyler are sort of intertwined in their fate so they both need to figure some shit out. The Cardinals are a big question mark this season and the dynamic duo (and Thumb GM Steve Keim) likey have one more chance to solve this problem and win a damn playoff game or I see an explosion incoming.