Poor Cards. The Arizona Cardinals had a great season and it was largely overshadowed by the usual nonsense and the streamroller that is the Carolina Panthers. We finally got an answer to how good the Cardinals might have been last season had they not been forced to start human trash pile Ryan Lindley at quarterback due to injuries against the…huh I guess that’s two years in a row they’ve been beaten by the Panthers, do I smell rivalry brewing? The answer is that they are very good.

I guess it also didn’t help the Cards that they were methodical, efficient, and effective, which is somewhat dull if you aren’t a Cards fan. There was a Cardinals fan in my comments a while ago angry that I haven’t made any Cardinals comics but there just really wasn’t a lot to go on when your team is simply good. There weren’t any disasters to poke fun of. There wasn’t any silly drama like all the Cam hullabaloo. Well this comic is for you, Angry Cardinals Fan.

I hope the Cardinals luck into a young QB to build around. You can’t keep relying onĀ old farts looking for redemption in their twilight years. Palmer has one, maybe two, if lucky 3-4 good years left.