In case you weren’t aware, the Raiders are currently fighting the Athletics in trying to get a stadium built in Oakland. The Raiders want to demolish the current one and build a new stadium and the A’s want to lease the current one as they figure out the next move (Possibly move to San Jose, possibly stay in Oakland). I’m not sure exactly on all the specifics, it’s rather complicated. ¬†If the As lease out Oakland¬†Coliseum but the Raiders demolish it then the As are homeless. But the Raiders don’t really have the money to build the new place, and seem to be trying to force the As to contribute, when the As might not even be interested in staying. I think? Like I said, it’s complicated and I haven’t really studied it as closely as I could so I’m no expert on what’s happening.

Regardless, there are discussions that the Raiders might have to play a year or two somewhere else if things get bad, and Santa Clara was brought up. Yup, because two fanbases that utterly hate each other are going to share a stadium with no problems at all.