It was an outstanding and long overdue announcement. A woman given a prominent role on the football field. Maybe not as a player, but as an official. While it’s hard to not look at the move in a cynical way, and assume the NFL is partly doing it for the PR, I don’t want to take away what Sarah Thomas has accomplished. She has the accolades and the experience. Even if the NFL is doing this for PR, she still deserves it and she is still a monumental achievement in a sport fueled by testosterone. This is a landmark moment, as silly as it sounds. She’s a pioneer.

When a moment like this comes I worry about what I’m going to say. What will my stamp on the moment be? When we look back upon this moment years from now, what will my statement be? I need to handle this with maturity and class. Clearly, there was only one thing to do.

Make a disgusting poop joke.


I’m an adult!