First off: You may have notice the site looks a little different. This was not intentional, I use wordpress because I don’t know much web design, and I had an update two nights ago that ended up breaking the whole site. I had to fix everything I could and adjust to a new system because apparently the Comicpress I was using was discontinued. As far as I can tell, the site is back to largely working order. It’ll take some time for me to work out the kinks and get us back to something similar to before. At least now I can use this as an excuse to simplify things, I’ve been meaning to do site maintenance for a while.

Anyway, I’ve never gotten into Fantasy Football. I can see the appeal, certainly. You pick a bunch of players, try to play them at the right times, get points, beat your co-workers/friends and brag about it. It’s certainly kind of fun. What I can’t stand about it is how big it is now. Fantasy Football has become one of the most annoying things about football because of how big it is. There are people who are paid, very well I might add, to analyze fantasy. There are people on every major sports site who get paid more money then I see in a year to discuss what players to start each week. IN A FANTASY GAME. Do you ever watch their specials later in the year? They never seem to win their own leagues, yet they make lots of dough and get to be a media personality. People like Michael Fabiano on who gets a special video every week on what matchups he likes, yet confesses usually halfway through he’s not doing that well. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? There is even a TV sitcom about people in a fantasy league! (Although The League is actually pretty funny)

There are people who sit at the bar reading their phones instead of watching the games to see how they are doing. They shout out randomly during dull moments and brag about how CJ Spiller just got them 6 points. People tell me about how they can’t figure out if they want to start Martellus Bennett or Greg Olson that week, like I care. I make a joke on reddit about David Wilson and half the replies to it are about “Well I drafted him, he better do well!” Why do I care that you drafted him? Why does your fantasy team matter to anyone? I have news:


I cannot stress this enough. Maybe you’re proud of how you saw a player breaking out before it happened and scored a bunch of points to win. Good for you. I don’t think there is anything I’m less interested in talking about than who is on your bench. Even if I was in your league, facing you that week, I don’t think I’d give a crap who you started because ultimately that’s all on you. Fantasy Football used to be a fun little game to play with buddies. It still can be, if you know the right people. But it’s also ballooned into a mega industry and people stress out about their lineups more than they do about their own children.

I know I’m in the minority here, but goddamn is it annoying.


In less ranty words, there is an absolute killing waiting to be made for the first game studio to make a video game Fantasy Football. Imagine WoW or some fantasy RTS but with football themes. I’d play the hell out of that game.