I had a substantial irrational hatred for Kevin Kolb for years, for a few reasons:

1. He was on the Eagles
2. No one ever called him Korn on the Kolb but me and I’m still convinced that’s the best nickname ever.
3. He has the most punchable face in all of football. Look at it. LOOK AT IT.



I would sacrifice my drawing hand if I could drive it 20 mph into that face with extreme prejudice.

But last week Kolb took a knee to the back of his head and the resulting concussion might force him to retire. Honestly, I feel pretty bad for him. Sure, he got a ton of money because someone on the Cardinals convinced themselves he was worth lots of money, so he should be okay, but still, the guy might be done and he never really had a fair chance to fail miserably on his own.

Stuck on an Eagles team behind McNabb, he finally got his chance, only to go out with a concussion. Vick comes in, has the season of his life, and Kolb is stuck on the sidelines. Andy Reid manages to fleece the Cardinals into trading for Kolb, and Kolb ends up in Arizona behind a historically bad offensive line. He’s unable to keep healthy both years, and last year he was hit so hard his ribs detached from his sternum. He was sacked over 8 times two games in a row. Kolb never had a chance.

Arizona burnt to the ground and in an effort to rebuild, Kolb left to go to Buffalo, a team without a proven starter anywhere in sight. Then the Bills draft EJ Manuel, and Kolb gets concussed, again. Concussions have haunted him his whole career. He’s probably going to need all that Arizona money to pay his future medical bills. Kolb never had a chance to just flop on his own, or succeed. The Cardinals did okay with him back there. Behind a good line he might have become a decent QB. Now? He’s just Korn on the Kolb.

But I still want to punch him in the face.