So the days I was gone last week had a hilarious little story about a group of Eagles fans who were trying to get Pope Francis to bless Sam Bradford’s knee so that maybe Mr. Bradford won’t crumple into a pile of bones and organs the instant he takes a 3 step drop in the pocket. I thought this was hilarious and adorable. New Pope is pretty cool (for a Pope) but would he even consider this? Obviously not, but what if he took the request seriously? Would he decide to bless the knee of poor Sammy? I think no. Why? Because:

1. Sam Bradford’s knee is likely beyond all help
2. why would the Pope purposefully help a player keeping Tim Tebow from doing his thing? I’m not convinced Tim Tebow and the Pope aren’t the same guy already, have we seen both of them in the same room at the same time? Tebow wouldn’t sabotage his own career after spending so much time trying to have one.

Anyway Mark Sanchez is starting on Sunday so everybody overreact!

This comic I made earlier this offseason sums up the fun
And this comic I made back when I first started also fits really well now, just pretend Rex Ryan is Chip