I have no idea what Chip is doing.

Jettison DeSean, trade arguably the best RB in the game who still has years before he hits 30 for a young linebacker. Okay, so Kiko is young and very promising and it frees up lots of cap space. Might not be the greatest thing to lose Shady but…okay, Chip has a vision! Trent Cole was beloved sure, but he was old! Makes economic sense to cut him!

But let Maclin walk? Maclin was the best WR on the team and they had more than enough cap space to make him happy and get some pickups. Then they apparently try to sign Frank Gore, who as of this writing has gotten cold feet and is considering elseware, but a 31 year old tank RB on the twilight years of his career isn’t a replacement for Shady to begin with. They did sign Byron Maxwell, which fills a hole in their secondary but now they have RB problems, SEVERE WR problems (#1 wideout Riley “Fight every N***er in here” Cooper-lol), they still have holes in the secondary, D line, and the QB situation is concerning. Does Chip try and make do with Foles (who I actually have some faith in, but a lot of people have suddenly discounted) or trade the farm for Mariota and give up so many draft picks that should fill their now gaping roster holes? The Eagles were a few pieces from being a genuine contender, now they almost appear to be rebuilding. I’ve seen a lot of Eagles fans drinking the Chip Kool-aid and talking about how CHIP KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING. CHIP IS A GENIUS. CHIP KELLY JUST NEEDS PLAYERS FOR HIS SYSTEM.

It feels like Eagles fans are trying to convince themselves it’ll all be okay. I can’t blame them. I’m almost drinking the Kool-Aid too, because Chip is still a bit of an unknown quantity. He hasn’t had the opportunity to truly control and build the team he wants until now, and now things are chaos. The Eagles have so thoroughly dismantled themselves I’m afraid to celebrate and cheer because what if Chip actually is a genius? One thing is for sure, these moves have made a lot of fans really nervous, and if the Eagles don’t turn around expectations within two years and genuinely compete, I think everyone is going to turn on Chip really fast.

I’d rather enjoy that so I hope it happens. I honestly also kind of hope they trade the farm for Mariota. It’ll at least make things really interesting.