So Colin Kaepernick got some advice from a #brand manager and decided that his offseason theme this year would be “storms coming” but with his number 7 instead of the S in storm. So instead of reading Stormscoming we read 7tormscoming, which makes me want to pronounce it as if I’m Sloth from The Goonies (ThorrmsComing You Guyths!). It’s incredibly dumb, but then again so are most athlete #brand attempts.

Then he made it all worth it with a hilarious whoospie on Wednesday. He tweeted out a picture of the flooding in Houston and said “Told you, Houston, 7torms coming!” And then America got it’s huge internet shaming boner for the day as everyone decided to rag on the ill thought out and insensitive tweet. Myself included of course! I had fun with this one. He took it down, then issued an apology, and we all laughed. Good times were had. I don’t hate him for the tweet. I can almost guarantee he probably woke up, casually glanced at a news story that mentioned flooding in Houston, and decided to make it about his #brand, completely oblivious to how serious the flooding actually was. I’ll chalk it up to an honest “didn’t think it out” moment. We all have them. I will say it’s kinda bad for him to take a picture of flooding and make it about yourself in the first place, regardless of how serious he knew it was. That’s a questionable decision when you are a professional athlete trying to keep a certain image no matter how you slice it. I’ve always been a big defender of Kaep because he gets too much irrational hate for how he looks, but when you do really dumb things like this it that would be easy to avoid it really doesn’t help your image.