Hooray, the Texans won the honor of being on Hard Knocks. I hope you are ready for a lot of JJ Watt, Arian Foster and rookies getting cut.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Hard Knocks and only fully watched 1 season (The Dolphins one). For the most part I just don’t see what I’m hoping to see when I watch a football show. The show focuses so much on the rookies because for training camp they are the most compelling stories you can get, but ultimately each season ends up the same. Here are a bunch of rookies, watch them struggle, build up this narrative of them making the team, and they get cut by the 75 man roster, not even the final cut. There is only so many times I can watch a sad rookie get cut. I stop caring. Maybe, in it’s own way, Hard Knocks has desensitized me to the plights of these rookies. Maybe Hard Knocks has slowly turned me into seeing them as fodder the same way the team sees them as fodder.