Ray McDonald had a job
On the bears a roster spot
But an arrest here and an arrest there
here arrest there arrest
everywhere an arrest
Ray McDonald lost his job
good riddance you piece of crap

Well then. So he was an asshole all along.

I didn’t touch the Ray McDonald situation when it first came up last year because I already had enough fodder for the NFL’s terrible policies and McDonald’s situation wasn’t very clear. Now it isn’t. Dude gets a zero guaranteed money contract with the Bears, was told to behave to retain a roster spot, and can’t even go a few months before he gets arrested for assault. On a woman holding a child, no less. What a prick. The Bears cut him within hours of the news dropping. I’d wager he’s done. It doesn’t even matter what Roger punishes him with (either a 6 game suspension or a ban) because McDonald isn’t sniffing the field again.