For as much as I give Goodell crap for being a big ol juicy hypocrite, it’s not like we fans are guilt free. We can be just as bad sometimes. Some people’s mental gymnastics can be quite incredible. I see it on game day, when people yell at the refs for “blowing an obvious call” but then talk about how right the refs got it when they call a player on the other team, even if both penalties are crap or good calls. I also see it when it comes to defending players on “your” team. When he’s a player on your team, he’s alright, and he’s just maligned, everyone else doesn’t get it. He’s not dirty, he’s just a hard hitter!  But if he’s on the other team, he’s the worst player in the world and a dirty piece of crap. It’s stupid, and it annoys me. Just because he’s on your team doesn’t make him wonderful, and just because he’s not, or he hurt your player, doesn’t make him evil. You can have assholes on your team, you just have to accept it. I watched Brandon Jacobs mouth off and be a jerk for years on the Giants. I’m thankful for how he helped us, but the guy was a jerk. Watching him throw tantrums on the 49ers was pretty funny.

Regarding James Harrison specifically, I’ve never been a fan of his play style (he spears and leads with the head too much instead of going for good tackles). But I don’t hate him like a lot of fans do. He’s had some bad hits but he was also Roger Goodell’s designated league “boogyman” for a while, being used as an example and being hyper scrutinized. He’s since been replaced by Suh, the new boogyman. But Ed Reed goes for the head all the time, and he never gets hung out to dry as the bad guy. He was almost punished last year, only to have his suspension reduced to a cheap fine. But I’m sure you’d have plenty of Ravens fans arguing that he’s totally clean and squeaky in the same breath that they curse Harrison.

It’s annoying but I guess it’s just something we have to deal with.

Also, attention: I am busy as all hell this week on a project for the draft on Thursday, and may not have time to do a comic. However, Thursday will have me live tweeting artwork during the draft, so be sure to follow along for some fun! @TheDrawPlay and @DrawPlayDave.