I should probably stop picking on the Jets so much.

Anyway, as anyone who watched the draft knows, Geno took a tumble on draft day all the way to the second round. I felt really bad for the guy, but he was probably drafted where he should have been. Geno has potential but he hasn’t quite pulled it all together yet and he probably should sit for a year or so to learn the NFL before he gets the job. That said, watching the poor guy lose out on millions on live television on his mothers birthday was hard to watch. Especially when Buffalo took project QB EJ Manuel, who is probably less ready than Geno.

But the Jets actually played the draft pretty well, getting their QB as well as a Revis replacement and some more talent. But if I were Geno, I’d be leery about going into that situation. Rex Ryan’s job is so close to finished I can’t believe he survived the offseason firings, and usually when a team fires a GM the coach goes with him, or at least follows suit soon after (See Lovie Smith). So unless the Jets make the playoffs or better this year, Ryan is likely gone. If I was a young QB this wouldn’t be my dream situation. I hope the Jets stick the corpse of Garrard out there as the starter and give Geno some time to learn before throwing him to the flames, I don’t think Geno is quite ready to pilot the Jets quite yet. (Ho ho ho)

Of course there is always the chance Geno could take the team on his back and become the hero. We never really know what will happen do we?

ANYWAY IN UNRELATED NEWS, I added a new page at the top to put all the draft pictures I made this past weekend, check it out!