I always laugh when I hear the classic hater argument about the NFL draft. “Why watch the NFL draft, you can just get the list of players the next day”. I guess if you don’t follow the sport that closely, or know any of the draft prospects from college ball, I can see why the draft might not be all that interesting. But even when I didn’t care quite as much about football, I still found the draft interesting. Maybe it is just the way the networks present it, but I always found the draft to be good drama. What players fall, what players go higher than expected, the crazy reach out of nowhere. The trades that never seem to be from who you expect. The inherent suspense built with the time limit for picks. It’s drama, just as much as a manufactured reality show or TV drama, even if ESPN and such plays it up a notch for story-lines.

But if the draft isn’t your thing, then it isn’t your thing. No biggie. But all of us get pumped up about stupid meaningless crap.

ANYWAY, TONIGHT MARKS THE 3RD ANNUAL DRAWPLAYDAVE DRAFT SPECTACULAR! Be sure to follow my twitter or facebook to see me live tweet caricatures of the draftees as they happen! You can look at my past two years here, and this year’s pics are going to be slightly different and hopefully more fun, so be sure to check it.

By the way, if you want to read about my trip to the NFL hall of fame this past weekend, here you go!

EDIT: First round pics are ON THE SITE! Overall greasy nerd guy was right, that was a boring first round.