The whole “sulking with a towel on his head” thing that haunted Cam Newton in the media last year was seriously the dumbest thing. First off, he wears the towel all the time. It’s not like he put it on his head to sulk. He put it on his head because that’s just how he rolls. I think I read somewhere he does it because Michael Jordan did it. Secondly, the game that started that whole narrative, was an abysmal game for the Panthers. The Giants went into Carolina and spanked them. Can you really blame him for being unhappy about an embarrassing home loss? No, you can’t. he’s an emotional guy, he’s gonna show his emotions. Not everyone is Eli Manning, who makes the same dumb face regardless of what happens.

So calling Cam a sulk head and not a team player was always dumb. Cam owns and puts his heart into his game. Thankfully, with the Panthers finally looking good, he gets to be happy Cam, and wear his happy towel. Notice all the stories of him being a sad sack loser went poof the instant Carolina started winning.