Well I don’t think anyone saw that one coming, wow. That was some weird news. I’ve had wet dreams about LeSean McCoy no longer tormenting the Giants from Philly but I never thought I’d see the day where he left come so soon, when he’s still good.

Everyone seems to have different opinions about who won the trade. Some think the Bills got it, Kiko is coming off an ACL tear, and he’s had two big knee injuries in his career so far. He showed promise as a rookie but one season does not a superstar make. The Eagles traded a top 3 RB for this linebacker who might pan out. On the other hand, Kiko might very well turn into the next Luke Kuechly and Shady had a down year last season. He’s not old but RBs aren’t that valuable anymore and he cost a lot of cap space.

If I had to pick a side I’d say the Eagles won, purely for the cap space freed up. But Chip possibly pissed off the entire fanbase with this move, Shady was the face of the Eagles and his down year last season really wasn’t that bad, and had a bunch of contributing factors like injuries to the O-line and teams selling out to stop him because no one was afraid of Sanchez. Shady could very well put up another incredible season in Buffalo, even though Buffalo is going to have the same problems (cough cough Matt Cassel). The biggest thing I think this move seems to show is how willing Chip Kelly is to go out and get his guys. Kiko fits his system, and by trading for his former Duck he’s brought all the rumors that he’s going to trade up for Mariota into the forefront. I heard rumors he’s going to make a deal with the Jets if Mariota falls to #6. This is incredibly intriguing because they’d have to sell the farm for him, and it’ll be a make or break move for Chip. Chip is playing dangerous right now. He jettisoned DeSean. He’s jettisoned LeSean. He cut Trent Cole. He sent Vick to New York. If he sells the future for Mariota (RG3 Style, baby) and it doesn’t work out very quickly I see the fanbase turning against him hard. He’s going all in on his system, this is going to be interesting.

In the meantime I’m going to go back to celebrating no more LeSean in the NFC East