I wonder a lot about what Brandon Marshall is really like. He has had his very public troubles, especially early in his career, and has seemingly overcome the odds to better himself and become a success story. Yet, despite his immense talent (he could be a top 10 WR in the game, some already see him as one) this will be his 4th team, and his 3rd team in 5 years. Each time, he was traded, he didn’t walk in free agency. It makes me wonder how problematic he still is behind closed locker room doors. Why do so many teams keep passing on a player of this caliber? He seemed to finally find a home in Chicago but even now he’s going away, and he will be a New York Jet if he passes his physical. For only a 5th rounder, too. I think this is a steal for NY.

One thing I don’t think is getting proper attention here is that the Jets WR corp is now Eric Decker & Brandon Marshall. Yes, Geno Smith is still the QB, which hurts, but that is one of the best 1-2 punches in the league. If the Jets keep Harvin, it’s even better. It’s all up to Geno now. He’s got a new coach, a new system, new weapons, and another year under his belt. I don’t have much faith in Geno as a QB, and I hope he realizes this is probably his make or break it year. If he doesn’t improve substantially this season, he’s toast. This is of course assuming the Jets don’t go after anyone else or draft anybody.