This is a guest comic sent to me by David Kalfas, made by his brother Michael. Thanks, Michael & David! I like it, and I especially appreciate that you were the only person brave enough to send me a comic. I asked if Michael had anything he wanted to say, and he had just 3 words: “F*** The Pats’. Mike is cool.

This is the end of my vacation (As you read this I’m flying back to Portland and will be full steam again, even though my laptop obviously worked better than anticipated and I was able to update normally).  I don’t want people to think they can’t submit anything to me once I’m home. You are more than welcome to make a guest comic at any time, and even if I’m updating normally I’ll just run it on a non-update day. Don’t be shy about it. I’m sure plenty of you have a good idea from time to time that’s worth seeing.

Anyway, the comic. I feel he captured the media’s bias towards the legendary QBs very well, although I would like to point out that if Peyton Manning made a waffle that waffle would also be considered the best of all time.

Now I want to see NBC hype up Sunday Morning Breakfast with Waffle vs Pancake. Who would win? Are they just system breakfasts? You can’t discount the supporting cast of maple syrup and whipped butter. Or does the Waffle/Pancake make the syrup better? Does Aaron Rodgers’ biscuits and gravy belong in the discussion? Nobody is going to dethrone Dan Marino and his great Cereal & Milk, but some Lactose Intolerant people think that since he couldn’t make a breakfast for everyone that he shouldn’t be in the discussion for best all time. There are a lot of people, of course, who feel Joe Montana’s Scrambled Eggs is untouchable.

I personally think no one will ever make a better breakfast than Johnny Unitas’ Steak and Eggs. That was a breakfast you could set your watch too.

edit: for some reason it didn’t post when it should have, but it’s up now