This was supposed to be Tuesday’s comic but then we all know what happened. I’m gonna lay off the ball news till we get more real updates and not just the Pats throwing together a wordpress site to counter the Wells report like some weird internet activist.

Poor Jags. They get a much needed piece for their defensive line with the #3 pick in Dante Fowler. Then 8 days after he gets drafted he’s already gone for the season with an ACL tear suffered on routine contact in a practice. Ooof. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Jaguars, though I could never explain why. The fans always seem like good people, I’ve never had a bad interaction with a Jags fan. Very willing to laugh at themselves. They are sensitive about the attendance jokes but when you realize that the other two Florida teams are just as bad if not worse in attendance you can understand why they hate the stereotype. They have the best mascot in football, and coach Gus seems like a swell dude. I’m still a little concerned he’s not actually a good coach though. Being stuck in a bad situation given to you by the previous front office only gives you so much slack. Jags have had the#5, #2, #3, and #3 overall pick in the past 4 years. That’s pretty terrible. No other team has been that consistently high, and it’s not like they are in a super tough division. If they end up in the top 10 again they might need to make changes regardless of how cool Gus is.

But, thanks to this bad luck, it just got harder.