So that Rams/49ers game was something else, huh? I was watching it with a group of 49er fans, and I must say, I was enjoying the hell out of the whole debacle while they appeared to be suffering. But then the game ended, and everybody just kinda stood there like “what now”

Tie games are so rare…nobody wants to (gasp) SOCCER it!

Honestly, outside the outcome, the game was amazing. The Rams showed up, clearly Jeff Fisher has done some good work there. It felt like a statement game for the beleaguered St. Louis team.  Alex Smith suffered a concussion by being an idiot and not sliding on a scramble, but Kaep did alright in his place. Overall the game was very well played, the officiating was terrible all around, and this bonkers NFL Game went in my top 20 games I’ve ever watched. I haven’t been that entertained in years.