On one hand, Jon Gruden is a terrible announcer. He likes everybody. He gets names wrong. He’s clearly insane.

And yet, that’s what makes him so entertaining.  All his plays seem to have had the word Banana in them. All of his old players had nicknames. I heard him compare Jay Cutler to Josey Wales. I’m pretty sure that was simply the first name he could think of at the time. Gruden has so much enthusiasm and no ability to announce properly that everything that comes out of his mouth makes zero sense and yet I’m laughing. The best part is his partner on MNF, Mike Tirico. Tirico clearly knows Gruden is nuts, and he just lets him ramble on and on, then polishes it off with an “Okay Jon”.

I sort of hope Gruden never leaves the booth. There are rumors he’d get replaced by Dilfer, and I will suffer years of wacko Gruden stories rather than listen to Dilfer prattle on.