The second comic I ever made was about the RG3 trade. RG3 has made a lot of appearances in The Draw Play. The last one was after RG3 dislocated his ankle. I made a comic where he explodes and said “the RG3 experiment might be over”. It now looks like it was. RG3 came back, played two games, and looked completely terrible. Jay Gruden has benched him against the Colts and this past week has been a press disaster, as RG3 threw his team under the bus followed by Gruden pushing him into a blender. RG3 is done in DC. Now Skins fans are arguing amongst themselves about how stupid this benching is while they all curse Dan Snyder.

I see both sides of the benching argument, but I probably side with the benching one. On one hand, RG3 has only played 4 games in the new system, he may simply need more time to adjust and adapt to what Gruden wants of him. Gruden’s system wasn’t as friendly to his skills as it was to Kirk and Colt’s playstyle. But Gruden has been benching and starting QBs willy nilly. First RG3 goes down, then he benches Kirk Cousins, then he benches Colt McCoy for RG3, now he’s benching RG3 for Colt McCoy, who has put on the best show so far in the win over Dallas. Gruden seems very impatient with QBs and while he has nothing to work with, it looks over-reactionary. RG3 might still have value, maybe play him and see if he can improve a bit?

But I don’t agree with that. There have been a lot of rumors RG3 is hard to work with, and Snyder gave him the run of the team even before he had a good rookie season. There appears to be locker room drama, or owner drama, that we aren’t privy to. Bottom line is that Gruden and RG3’s relationship appears impossible to reconcile. Gruden wants to keep his job. RG3 is playing poorly and doesn’t fit his system. He might, however, still have trade value. Why stick him out there, where he might get hurt and tank his value further by sucking more, when you can put the eager and willing Colt McCoy out there, the only QB to win a game he started this season? Against Dallas, no less. RG3 is done in Washington, that much is clear. Don’t risk his trade value, or your job on the possibility that he unscrews himself in 5 games. Send McCoy out there and see what happens.

I don’t know if RG3 will ever be a good player again. I personally don’t have a lot of faith that he will ever be good again.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Lets have a great thanksgiving and hope Mark Sanchez runs into another butt.