I think the RG3 experiment might be over. Yeah, there is still a chance that he can come back and be productive, but when he went down on Sunday most of the Washington fans I know just kind of sighed and hung their heads as if they knew it was coming. And really, didn’t we all sort of know it was coming? Rg3 has been in the league 3 seasons now, and even during his best moments he was a huge injury risk and hasn’t played a full season yet. His stellar rookie campaign that lit everything on fire was even marred by injury. RG3 is a stellar athlete but the fears from his play style have come true ten fold. He’s too crazy athletic for his own good. You can’t really say Shanahan ruined him (making him play week 1 last year is a fair argument though) because all his biggest hits and injuries have come on plays where Griffin was trying to keep things alive, not on designed runs. I guess his final injury against Seattle wasn’t, but that was the turf and he was already half dead by the time his knee gave out there.

It’s sad, and I say that as a fan of a rival team who is obligated by law to hate him. He was the kind of player that when he did his thing, you couldn’t even be mad, because it was so cool. But that style just isn’t meant for the NFL. He never scrambled smart though, he ran with wild abandon. When it worked, he was a god. When it didn’t, he got murdered. With each passing injury his chances of ever being 2012 RG3 are slipping away, and at this point, wrecking his ankle on a non-contact play, I just can’t see him ever being more than average at best. It’s a shame, but maybe the super handsome Kirk Cousins can lead the Skins to victory.

At least over Dallas and the Eagles.


Edit: Apparently Cousins took Sexy Rexy’s old Number 8. Outrageous. That number should be retired.