Lol after week 1 the first thing I thought about the Dolphins was “Wow, they should have creamed the Skins, I wonder what that means”. Turns out the Skins might be slightly better than expected. After week 2 I had this distinct feeling the Dolphins might actually be a bad team. After week 3 I pretty much firmly believed they were. This past week probably proved it to anyone left who wasn’t convinced. Teams that have given up just seem to have a certain look to them. There is never any urgency, never anything spontaneous or full of extra effort. Players don’t seem to fight for anything and just appear to go through the motions. Suh “freelancing” on plays in week 2 just shows you how little respect they had weeks ago.

I never thought much of Philbin as a coach. He was the world’s blandest man, with mild humor so dry it made California look like a rainforest. But the Phins should have trended upwards. They have Jarvis Landry. They got Suh. Wake. Tannehill kept getting incrementally better. They got rid of Jeff Ireland. They should have at least looked average, but something clearly wasn’t there.

I don’t know what to expect from the Phins now. This is an early firing and they grabbed the TE coach of all people for the job. He’ll have no pressure on him since nobody will expect a thing from him, but it’s pretty early in the season to house clean that hard.

Side note: Stephen Ross becomes the 13th owner to be portrayed in TDP. The most useless stat.