I actually don’t know how much I have to say about this one, it caught me completely off guard when it dropped and generally felt like the NFL deliberately giving us big news because after the Watson ruling they needed a PR win. Stomping down on Stephen Ross and the Dolphins I guess served well enough.

That felt like a surprisingly steep punishment for the Ross/Brady tampering thing that came to light during the Flores debacle. I also find it very interesting that nothing has come of the Flores racism accusations, but the part of that story that exposed the tampering Ross attempted with Brady was apparently a big enough deal to warrant this massive foot coming down. I also find it very interesting that only the Dolphins were punished. Tom Brady was not. Maybe because the NFL already tried going after Brady for deflate-gate, ultimately came out looking like morons when the dust settled, and that was 3 rings ago. Brady has even more clout now. He’s royalty. Makes it really disappointing that Brady is such a good little boy who won’t rock the boat because he’s probably the one player the league has who could genuinely go after the NFL and win if he wanted to.

It is also interesting, well, depressing, that the NFL is gung-ho eager to punish and clamp down on things that HURT THE INTEGRITY OF THE GAME but will happily cover for Dan Snyder sex trafficking his employees.

Stephen Ross is an absolute dipshit and if you want to go back to my older post ranking the owners, move him deeper into the Dumb/Evil quadrant.