Whelp, there it is. Watson gets 11 games off. He also gets a measly 5 million dollar fine, which is roughly 2% of his huge guaranteed contract. That’s it. What a joke. The one time we could have actually used Goodell’s overreach and punishment hardon, we get this result.

Yes, 11 games is more than 6, so that’s a mild improvement. It’s not even double the original suspension. Some have theorized that he got 11 games due to avoid tolling his contract, meaning he gets his 43mil next year instead of pushing it back, but others have pointed out that particular hiccup only affects rookie contracts and does not matter for Watson’s. I find it hard to believe his contract language wasn’t at play here somehow though. 11 games is a very weird number, as much as we like to joke that Goodell hands down arbitrary punishments, there had to be some logic at work to end up here.

Was it specifically to make it so that he comes back against the Texans? If the NFL actually did that purposefully, knowing the shitstorm that is going to cause, then holy mother of god fuck the NFL with a large stone gargoyle right in the uethra. The NFL is stupid but I can’t believe they’d actually do that. I think the 11 games is based around some contract bullshit, but we can’t put it past these losers.

Watson effectively gets away with it. The man was a sexual predator and has effectively parlayed that into a tremendous amount of money from people who don’t care about morality, and lots of Browns fans will happily shove Deshaun the person off to the side to cheer for Deshaun the touchdown thrower. Watson’s already paraded around the press gauntlet proclaiming his innocence and saying people got triggered. The Browns are happily trying to gaslight the issue out of the way. There we have it. If you can play football, you can be a sexual predator, and it won’t matter. A few games off means jack shit. We couldn’t even get a full season off for the man. Disgusting.

I’ve seen a lot of people rooting for injuries or jokingly saying we need Gregg Williams back. I can’t bring myself to actually root for injury, it doesn’t feel right to me. Not even here. My hope, my sincerest hope, is that Watson just shits the fucking bed all on his own. That would be the most justice I could think of, for him and the Browns. Get locked in that huge contract and the guy just fucking sucks ass. That would be some level of justice. The Browns deserve to stay in quarterback hell for this one.