Maybe it’s just the general fatigue of being terminally online over the past decade of exhausting cultural political war but I was genuinely surprised by the amount of controversy over the Harrison Butker speech thing. I was surprised it barely registered past a day or two of chatter. This is the world we are stuck in now, seems like half the country is Harrison Butkers, why were we even surprised that an NFL player has regressive viewpoints. The NFL is a big collective of people, of course some of them are going to be Harrison Butkers. He’s just the next step in the ever-ongoing culture war.

So of course everyone who agrees with him went out and purchased his jersey and all that shit, the others tried to get him kicked off the team, nothing meaningful will happen at all. He won’t get punished and the celebration won’t last as people forget, there will probably be good jokes about him during the season by left-leaning snarkers like me, but that’s it. Do I agree with anything he said? Absolutely not, but he didn’t say anything we haven’t been hearing from that side of the aisle for several years at this stage, why was anyone shocked? Of course a guy chosen to give a commencement address at a small-town Kansas Catholic college is going to call abortion murder and pride degeneracy etc etc. He was playing all the hits directly to the choir. Well, mostly. There is one aspect of the speech that confused me.

So Harrison Butker thinks women should be wives and homemakers. He thinks degrees and careers for women is a bad thing. Yeah, par for the course for your average evangelical. What seems bonkers to me was he delivered these words during a commencement speech. You know, the speech given to college kids who are, at that very moment, graduating with the degrees they’ve spent many years working for so that they can move forward with career plans. He just straight up told every woman graduating at that ceremony that they are fools who have been lied to and that they would be way happier as wives instead. That’s an astounding degree of not understanding the assignment. That’s going out to kick a field goal and punting instead. The whole point of a commencement speech is to get up there and fluff up the graduates with platitudes about success and how bright their futures are and he went up there and told half the graduating class they are fools who belong in the kitchen because that’s what god wants. That’s not the place for that speech. Even at a place like Benedictine that’s absurdly wide right.

Anyway the NFL did the expected distancing from the controversy so don’t expect anything. With this, the Rashee Rice thing, the Taylor Swift thing, the Patrick Mahomes overexposure, and the dynasty levels of winning, the Chiefs have truly entered their villain era. It’s amazing they somehow got more evil after shipping Tyreek Hill out of town. That takes effort.