The story of Urban Meyer kicking Josh Lambo in practice was ultimately the final domino in a long line that got probably the worst head coach in NFL history fired. It was an outrageous piece of nonsense in a long-running show of Urban Meyer not having respect for his players. Why would you kick your own player? What a child.

Or so we thought. Was Urban ahead of the curve? Did he know something we didn’t?

If I had a nickel for every time an NFL kicker made headlines for bad reasons this month, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice, right? What is happening to NFL kickers? Did Josh Brown (The OG scumbag kicker) break the glass ceiling for bad kickers? So in case you didn’t know since it wasn’t major news (yet), kicker Brandon McManus is being sued. Why is he being sued? Because two women claim that he sexually assaulted them while they were working as flight attendants for the Jaguars last year. Cool! We usually get a few solid criminals every NFL offseason but a kicker? And the news broke right after a different kicker used his proverbial talents to kick the culture war hornet’s nest? How novel! Someone needs to stop these kickers. Urban, when we needed you most, you were probably grinding on a coed somewhere in Ohio.

Let’s be clear these are two different cases of scumbag kicker. For one thing, Harrison Butker didn’t actually do anything wrong, at least legally. He just used his platform to spout hateful bullshit. You might be like me and consider his beliefs disgusting but he didn’t break any laws and he was perfectly within his rights to say what he did. A large number of people would probably get mad if they saw him being considered a scumbag here. But if he gets to say what he wants, so do I, and Harrison Butker, go fuck yourself.  You look like a twink lumberjack got into the manosphere and stormed the capital.

What McManus (allegedly) did is both morally AND legally wrong, so he’s a different sort of scum. The report states that McManus pulled an Urban and grinded on the two women during the flight (without consent, obviously), as well as trying to kiss one of them. Sounds to me like a pretty standard case of sexual assault. Don’t grind your dick on people without permission! Seems like an obvious lesson most people would have learned by adulthood, but alas. Honestly, it sounds like gross drunken frat boy shenanigans and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was inebriated. Naturally, as with most sexual assault cases, the evidence seems unfortunately minimal and is basically now he said/they said. I don’t assume we will ever know for sure.

The lawyer representing the two women is actually the same lawyer from the Deshaun Watson case (Tony Buzbee) so if you have an opinion on that guy, I guess you’ll have some more forthcoming. My assumption: nothing comes of this, maybe a quiet settlement, and we’ll never know anything close to exact truth. If the report is true, McManus is a douchebag, and I have zero difficulty believing a football player abused his status to be creepy to a woman who was literally on the job and forced to be around him.

I hope the next month features less scumbag kickers. If you see a kicker, make sure they don’t have any self-respect. We can’t let this keep happening. I’m worried about Justin Tucker. What kinda skeletons does that man have in his closet? Don’t trust him.