I’m pretty sad to see Prince go, even though it was more or less expected. Prince is one of the first real Giants draft picks I ever got excited about. The year Prince declared was the first year I ever truly paid any attention at all to the draft. I learned who players were, I found out what college they went to, etc. It was my first real draft. Before that, I couldn’t have cared less. If they came to the Giants and did well? Hooray. Who they were before they put on Blue didn’t matter to me in the slightest. But Prince was different. He had a ton of hype that year. People wouldn’t stop mentioning Prince, the Nebraska shutdown corner, as a top 10 talent. That year all I remember was Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, and Prince. Those are the players I knew about simply through draft chat osmosis. It didn’t even feel like Patrick Peterson got as much love as Prince. I didn’t watch the actual draft because I still didn’t care that much, but when I came back to find out that the Giants got Prince at #19 overall, I got supremely excited. We got one of the players I knew about! A player I knew who was supposed to be good! I was incredibly pumped to have Prince on the team. I’m glad we got him a ring in his rookie year.

Since then I’ve pretty much constantly rooted for him. I wanted to bring him back this off-season. But the fact that he only got a 1-year contract with the Jags really says a lot about his health problems and why we let him go despite him being a decent player on a bad defense, and overpaying another questionable corner to replace him. He never played a full season on the Giants. He played well when he was on the field and I’d rate him pretty highly as a player, but he was never there. He was constantly hurt.

I’m honestly kind of mad the Giants didn’t bring him back if all he got from Jacksonville was a 1 year deal worth 5 Million max. They had no issue giving a one year “prove it” contract to Jason 8 Fingers. We could have easily offered Prince what the Jags gave him. But what’s done is done. Jags fans should be happy if Prince stays healthy. He’s honestly a good corner. Not the best at interceptions but he’s a very solid fundamental player and a good personality. He also has what might be the biggest set of lips on a human being. I wish him well in Jax and I hope he earns another good contract.

Edit: Yes I did the art on this one a little differently. Mostly because I was really unhappy with how the linework looked, and I liked what it looked like without it better. This won’t be permanent or anything because most comics don’t look this solid without the linework. Probably. Haven’t really tried it.