The worst part about all this is that despite knowing that the Jaguars are going to 100% pick Trevor Lawrence since roughly week 16, when the actual draft hits, we are still going to be forced to wait 10 pointless minutes for the Jaguars to actually put the pick in. The NFL can’t help but drag it out. You could make the weak argument that they have to at least sit there and field any potential calls that might come in for desperate last second trades…but do you really believe that’ll happen in this scenario? The Jags are picking Trevor Lawrence. I know it. You know it. Trevor Lawrence knows it. 31 picks could go any number of directions, but that one has been certain for months. Any sports personality that argues they might pick someone else is baiting you. Punch them.

I can only remember a select few moments when the #1 pick wasn’t completely expected months in advance. Plenty of drafts have featured one player getting a massively late push and lots of teasing that a different player might go first overall, but it is pretty rare to see actually happen. RG3 wasn’t picked over Luck, no matter how much hype he got towards the end there. The only semi-surprises I can remember are Eric Fisher over Luke Joeckel (That proved to be the right choice for KC) and Baker Mayfield over Sam Darnold. Both cases still weren’t completely out of the blue as both Baker and Fisher were rumored as the potential #1 pick for a day or two in advance. The only true shock I can remember is Mario Williams over Reggie Bush.

Anyway, happy for the Jags fans to get football Thor. Just let them sign him now and get it over with.