I’ve seen that gif of Scrooge McDuck diving into the sea of gold coins some thousand times online and my first thought whenever I watch it is “That would hurt so fucking much”. Cartoon logic isn’t real and that’s the gag and all that, but seriously…that would hurt. You’d probably die.

Trevor Lawrence got his bag. On a scale of 1 to 10 where a 1 is “Patrick Mahomes being worth every single penny” versus a 10 being “Why did you give Daniel Jones that contract, are you stupid”…Trevor is probably a 5 or 6? He’s been disappointing compared to his draft hype and college career, but he hasn’t been bad. To be honest this felt like a deliberate move to get Trevor paid for now before Tua and Dak make the market get even worse. Dak is especially interesting now, the Dolphins will likely pay Tua his bag but Dallas can’t really afford to give Dak (who could be argued as better than both if you want to) the big deal when he demands it next year. Smart move by the Jaguars.

Is Trevor the future? I don’t see why not. He’s not on the top-tier QB list (well, the second tier, top tier is just Mahomes alone), but he can be argued to be in low B tier comfortably, along with the likes of Tua, Cousins, Dak, Herbert, Hurts, and honestly CJ Stroud already. His first year was terrible but I think we as a football fan society should simply erase the Urban Meyer Jaguars from having a meaningful impact on a players judgement. Urban Meyer could have probably ruined Tom Brady. Trevor’s 2022 was great and he bounced back to reach the second round of the playoffs. Last year is the one that is being argued about. Trevor started out fine but got really bad by the end of the season. However, the man was injured and probably shouldn’t have even been playing in the first place. The injury is the exact moment his play took a nosedive. I remember watching the injury and thinking “whelp he’s done for the year” and then he just kept playing. He should not have been playing.

So really now the question is can he get back to 2022 form. He’s got Christian Kirk, Brian Thomas Jr, Evan Engram, Gabe Davis, and Travis Etienne as his primary weapons, a decent enough bunch. Doug is still a good coach. The good news is that if Trevor goes down this year, the Jaguars will be fine. They have Mac Jones now!


stay healthy Trevor