The Giants had a classic training camp brawl this week! There is always one. I feel so blessed, now my team gets the over-reactionary media scrutiny! Take that, losers! NFCEast baby!

There isn’t much reason to take a training camp fight this seriously. Immature dudes with a lot of pent-up aggression gotta explode somewhere and while fighting each other may not be the most positive example of masculinity to some degree in sports circles it does seem to help. Do a fight, yell it out, move on. Sure it would be more mature for them to handle themselves like adults and manage their feelings but I’m not sure we should raise our standards that high for football players.

Of course, this has only fed the negative Joe Judgement machine. I will be honest, I do not have the highest faith in Judge. I have no reason to have high faith yet. But I do think a lot of the negative coverage he’s gotten for his coaching habits has been overblown and based on people just affirming their pre-conceieved biases about him as a hire. Judge has a lot of factors working against him right now.

-He was a nobody. Nobody knew who Judge was before the Giants hired him. Coaches usually get some level of hype before they get hired. The fact that nobody knew a damn thing about him makes it seem like he’s not deserving of the job.
-He’s a Belichick disciple. Belichick disciples do not have good reputations. The mere fact that he’s from the Belichick tree immediately put him on everyone’s shit list, deserving or not.
-The team didn’t do well last year. They won just 6 games in a weak division and generally sucked.
-He’s a coach in New York and is, therefore, the victim of absurd media nonsense by default

It feels like the fact that he’s a Belichick disciple and a nobody immediately stuck him on everyone’s failure list and most opinions of him have been people just looking at the stories from camp so far and using them to confirm their pre-conceived notions on the guy. I think a lot of the negative press is overblown. So he makes the players run laps. Is that really such a ridiculous thing? Running is good conditioning. He curses a lot. Yeah? So do I. So do players. So does pretty much every sports coach I’ve ever met. He’s a hardass? Bruce Arians is a hardass and just won a Super Bowl. Belichick is a hardass and won 6. Being a hardass isn’t inherently a bad thing if it gets results. We’ll have to wait a bit to see if it backfires.

But because everyone already judged him a failed Belichick disciple it doesn’t matter, he’s garbage. Kelvin Benjamin said he’s bad so he must be bad. A few players retired after signing so he must be bad. Daniel Jones sucks balls so he must be bad. Players got in a fight so he must be bad. It’s all just overblown. Judge didn’t do anything to sway me either way last year but the team fought much harder every game (outside the 49ers game) than they ever did under Shumur. I feel like I can’t make much judgement on Judge yet because last year was such an anomaly with the COVID issue that this is actually his first true year coaching.

That said, Giants fans (at least that I’ve seen in my usual circles) have been pretty defensive of him and I think that defensiveness could be toned down a notch. It isn’t like all the negative impressions aren’t without some basis and there aren’t red flags. His hardass qualities don’t mean anything if the team doesn’t win. Laps don’t help if the team doesn’t win. Sure, his players are defending him but what do you expect from guys trying to or guaranteed to already make the team? To badmouth their HC? There are plenty of reasons to not trust Judge. I just think he’s more of a wait and see situation than already great or garbage. Hell, this year might not even be the best indicator overall. The defense looks to be good again but the offense will probably suck again. I’d put the Giants as the darkhorse NFCE favorite behind the TEAM and Cowboys. If this team doesn’t win games I’ll have a hard time putting most of that blame on Judge over Gettleman’s failures to address vital positions, our lack of talent, and Jason Garrett.

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