Well I guess I went ahead and jinxed myself last Monday. If you put your bet down on Corey Coleman, congrats! You placed one hell of a bet. Also the Falcons version of Michael Bennett also died. AJ Green has an ankle injury but probably won’t miss the whole season. The Bengals, Giants, and Falcons are all off to a great start.

I feel pretty bad for Corey Coleman. He’s probably best known as the pick the Browns used after they traded back in the first round with the Eagles and Titans. Picks that became Carson Wentz and Jack Conklin, respectively. Obviously he did not work out in Cleveland, although who would with that crop of garbage throwing the ball. Even Eli Manning in his current form is a better QB than anything the Browns had prior to Baker last season. Coleman sucked, threw a fit in Cleveland, got traded to the Bills, got cut, ended up on the Pats practice squad, and then the Giants signed him and he eventually made the active roster, used mostly as a return specialist. He was actually doing pretty decent at it by the end of the season, too. Our special teams last season was probably one of the few things Giants fans can look back on 2018 and not cry about. We had a good kicker, we had a good running back, and we had a return game that wasn’t steaming garbage. Thanks, Corey!

With the objectionable trading of the diva Odell Beckham by the senile David Gettleman, the Giants wideout spots were suddenly a little bit more open. Sterling Shepard seemed primed to be the next main guy (I’m not thrilled about that, Sterling is an absolutely perfect #2). He broke his thumb and will likely miss preseason. Golden Tate, the Giants acquisition to “replace” the noise of Odell, is apparently now in an appeal battle due to getting a 4 game suspension for taking a banned substance. How that shakes out remains to be seen. But those two guys are the only two receivers who I would peg as “guaranteed” to make the team. The #3  spot and on is completely wide open.

Now the Giants may enter week 1 with a starting WR corps made up of things named “Russell Shepard” and “Cody Latimer”. You might know Cody Latimer as a guy who was a Bronco and has 4 touchdowns to his name. Russell has 2! We also have a…(squints at packaging) Bennie Fowler! We have about 6 total touchdowns between the rubbage currently left on the team. If any Giants fan thought this would be the year Eli finally reverted back to form because the O-line has finally been rebuilt into a respectable state and we have a run game to balance it again…I got some bad news. If you are a fantasy guy pick up Saquon and Evan Engram, because that’s where the action is going. Eli’s gonna look even more like trash and his final season is going to be a depressing mess.

Also Beckham is totally being an angry dumped girlfriend diva now and part of me is thankful I don’t have to defend his bullshit anymore. Have fun trying to justify all his behavior to yourself and others after every outburst, Browns fans. It gets very tiring.