We’re finally here. Training camp for most teams begins this week. The void is almost over. So let’s guess what fanbase has their hopes and dreams for the season dashed before the season even begins.

There’s always one. Last year it was Derrius Guice for the Skins. I remember way back in 2008 when Osi tore his ACL before the season. The floor is always open for anyone to tragically die before week 1. We could have the final nail for a seasoned veteran who has had injury troubles before, but I feel like most of the time the player is a youngin who maybe worked himself too hard or not hard enough. Case in point, you could argue the Bengals already won this bet, as their 1st round rookie lineman is out for the year due to a shoulder injury. That’s why I drew his arm exploding on his draft card.

I don’t know why, but my personal gut feeling says “Falcons”. I feel like Calvin Ridley or Julio Jones is going down. I have nothing but a gut feeling, and my gut feelings are notoriously wrong, so Falcons fans should rest easy as I am not Nostradamus. It would be hilarious if I’m right though.

Who do you think is going down for the season before it starts? Hell, who do you secretly kinda hope goes down for the season before it starts? Nobody should root for injuries (that’s messed up), but I will never believe anyone who says they are genuinely upset when a rival team suddenly doesn’t have an important player on the field. If the Giants played the Cowboys and Zeke tripped on a ref and fell into the bench and broke his face I would feel terrible for Zeke because that sucks but I’m not gonna cry that Dallas just lost their main offensive weapon. Yeah, there is honor in beating a football team at full strength, but wins are so precious in a 16 game season that if we get a few cheapies due to a dice roll, fuck it. Most teams who last the season as powerhouses tend to be the ones who got lucky with injuries, and countless seasons have been lost due to injuries. Take the Ws where you can.

So I can’t wait to find out who gets to go to Injured Reserve first.