Well that just made the NFC way more interesting. Rodgers seems like he gets a major injury like this every 4-5 years, so I guess he was due.

I think the next 4 games are huge for the Packers and will determine if we see Rodgers again this year. If the Pack goes 2-2 or better, I think the team continues to fight the good fight and try to stay in playoff contention. That way they could potentially pull the same thing they did a few years ago when they snuck in at the very end over the Bears in a thriller. If the Pack goes 1-3 or worse, especially if those losses are bad, it might be in the Packers best interest to tank the season and try to get a high pick, “Dallas Cowboys with a dead Romo” style.

The division is stronger than it was the last time this happened. Last time they were a mess and the Packers literally won the year like 8 wins. This year I doubt that will fly. The Lions have flaws but are a very capable team. The Vikings also have flaws but also have capability to fight for the playoffs. The Bears are kinda trash, but have a new spark plug that at least seems like it’s given them enough life to put up a fight. Just enough that you can’t sleep on them in a game. I don’t think 8-7-1 wins the division this time. 9-7 might. 10-6 probably will unless one of these other teams goes supernova.

With the Pack now a huge question the NFC is basically The Eagles and then who knows what else. The Hawks and Rams are going to punch it out for the West and both teams have only one genuinely functional side of the ball (Rams- Offense, Hawks-Defense). The Skins look competitive and might be a wildcard contender. The Cowboys could always pull it back together. The Falcons aren’t the same team as last season, the Panthers are sometimes amazing and sometimes terrible, and the Saints, who the hell knows. Everyone else is probably bad. The Giants are bad (lol Broncos). The Bucs are bad and might have triggered the Fitz cycle. The Cardinals and the 49ers are bad. Bears bad. Hope you folks like chaos, because the NFC is gonna be fun.