So I know a whole lot of folks expected a comic on the Dolphins line coach doing coke video last week but nothing funny came to me that wasn’t already said within an hour of the news dropping. The past weekend finally gave me something I could be happy with.

So that was a thing. For a day that was really funny. Honestly I just wonder what he did to piss off the lady who leaked it. Maybe he got creepy and she did it to ruin him. According to this, it seems like he was using her for blow or something. It seems like a weird situation.

All I really know is doing blow with a rolled up dollar bill before a team meeting while professing your love for a Las Vegas model is Miami as fuck. All he needed was a tropical shirt with the top 3 buttons undone to show his chest hair while wearing white golf shorts and the guy could be the mascot of every Miami stereotype ever.

The Dolphins are a hard team to figure out, but so are most teams this year. They did force a comeback on the road against a good team, so they aren’t a mess. Certainly still worth watching for the moment, especially in a slightly more interesting AFCE with the Patriots playing like ass on defense. It won’t last, but treasure the uncertainty while we have it, fellas.