The Jags are one of those teams that it’s really hard to get a bead on. They might be good! They might also be a paper tiger! It’s really impossible to tell. I think one this is clear: this is a higher functioning team than a previous seasons. How much better the team is remains a mystery. I’m sure Jags fans want it to be truth, but it’s tough. The NFL is pretty much still in complete parity mode and there are still a lot of teams tucked ambiguously in the middle. But hey, that’s better than the Jags have been recently.

One thing is clear, it’s hard for anybody to trust them after so long in the dumps. Every victory so far (all 3 of them fairly dominant too) have basically turned into narratives of how the other team failed. The Texans failed at QB in week 1, the Ravens fell apart because of London and a bad offense, and the Steelers just decided to crap the bed, no real respect given to the Jags in any scenario, outside maybe a little love for Fournette. They lost to the good pre-injured version of the Titans and they also lost to…the Jets. The Jets are 3-2 as well, and nobody can figure out how that’s happened either.

From what I can see the Jags are a very legit defense, especially in the secondary, and have a good run game. Bortles has been reduced to as minimum impact as possible. Seems good enough. We’ll have to see if it’s good enough to carry the Jags to the top of a suddenly captivating division. Unlike years past, the AFC South is a little bit better now, and each team has potential and major flaws.

Jags – Good defense, good run game, terrible QB, retread questionable coach.
Titans – Good offense, good run game, injured at QB, questionable Defense and still questionable coach
Texans – Good defense, stubborn coach, everything seems to be riding entirely on DeSean Watson, a rookie
Colts – Good offense, bad defense, currently handicapped by star QB injury, a pile of garbage at coach

This is anyone’s division, especially when Luck and Mariota come back. Unlike previous seasons, the winner might even be slightly respectable.


Edit: just wanna point out my Alt-Text was spot on