No team gets shafted by the media like the Titans. I can’t remember the last time I saw an article on the Titans on any sports site. Hell, this is my 106th comic, and outside a tiny reference in my 3rd or fourth comic, this is the only time they’ve even been part of the joke. I’m part of the problem.

I know it’s a smaller market, but they get literally no attention at all. I forgot who the head coach was last year halfway through. Their uniforms are kind of blah, the name is cool but generic, the logo is incredibly boring (WHY DON’T THEY USE THE SWORD LOGO, IT’S SO MUCH COOLER), and in general everyone just kind of forgets about them. The colts get noticed because of Peyton and now Luck, the Jags are terrible but get attention almost because of it, the Texans are good now but are also the “new” team, but the Titans are always somewhere in the middle of nowhere. (Kind of like Tennessee! BAZING I’m just kidding Tenn folks)

I’ve never even met a Titans fan in real life. we all joke about the Jags and such, but I seriously have never met a Titans fan. Sometimes I wonder if they even exist.