Well that Saints Peterson experiment didn’t work out, did it?

It was never going to, let’s be honest. Peterson is the kind of guy who needs to be fed the rock constantly and the Saints are a “Hey Brees throw it” kinda team first, second and third. Also, Peterson sucks now. Anyone holding out hope he wouldn’t suck is looking back at his ACL comeback with a little too much hope. He used up his miracle already. Peterson is done. At least the Cardinals didn’t give up much for him, and if they did, it means he worked out. That’s how conditional picks work.

Who cares about Peterson at this point. He’s lame and sucks and still beat his kid. Lets talk about purchasing jerseys.

Don’t do it until the player has made a meaningful impact for the team. Otherwise it’s a huge waste of money. Don’t buy free agent signing jerseys, because this might happen. Don’t buy rookie jerseys, because who knows if rookies are going to make a difference, even high profile ones. If you buy jerseys based on hype, you’re kind of an idiot with too much disposable income.

I have 7 NFL jerseys. All were either joke purchases (Like my Burress jersey or my Seahawks Rick Mirer jersey) or given to me. The ones I actively seeked out were established players where I wouldn’t look back on that player in 5 years and go “who?” or “ooooooooh, wow, I can’t believe I bought that”. If you are going to buy one of these overly expensive shirts, make it count. Or buy one of the Chinese knock-off jerseys from sketchy sites that don’t look right and might get your credit card number stolen. If you buy an expensive jersey for a player who has not made a meaningful impact for your team yet, you are asking for buyers remorse. I think two years of playing well is a baseline for a jersey purchase, because 1 year could be a fluke.

Also, don’t waste your money on the authentic jerseys, why would you do that. Nobody really notices the difference and your wallet is so much lighter. All my jerseys save one are the cheapest official replica jerseys except one very special case.

I have 8 total jerseys.
Eli (home)- My favorite, is a marquee player who will go down in NFL lore, and I got it in 2008 after the SB win. It was also given to me as a gift, but I would have bought it myself at some point.
Tuck (away) – Same deal
Osi (Away) – Same deal
Plaxico Burress – Bought as a joke for 5 bucks for a Halloween costume in 2009
Corey Webster – My only “who” jersey, given to me as a gift (so I didn’t buy it), and at the very minimum still has a small part in Giants lore as a good corner who caught Brett Favre’s last pass as a Packer.
Jared Allen Vikings – Given to me by someone trying to get rid of old stuff. Got it for free, and is my only “authentic” jersey.
Rick Mirer Seahawks – Bought as a joke for 4 bucks, I wear it to confuse Seahawks fans, because it’s #3
Oregon Ducks LaMichael James – Bought for 4 bucks at a thrift store because it was one of the cooler uniforms and it fit me really well.

One of these days I’ll finally give in and buy myself a Rex Grossman jersey, which would very much mean something to me.

What’s your jersey collection and do you regret any of it?