I’ve made my feelings on the Patriots clear in the past. I’m sick of them. I like Tom Brady, he’s a total dweeb stuck in a super attractive man married to a super model and he’s super fun to watch when he goes all Angry Brady. I love Belichick, he’s a remarkable coach who can do wonders, helped my own team to a couple Superbowls in the 80’s, and hilariously trolls the media. Gronk is like a big dumb child who just looks happy and trucks people. Vince Wilfork is a delightful fat man. Jerod Mayo goes great on sandwiches. I don’t hate the Patriots players or coaches or the franchise and I think Kraft is one of the better owners. I respect the hell out of the Pats.

I’m just really goddamn sick of them. All they do is win to the point where it becomes incredibly boring and they are only interesting when they are struggling. Case in point? Last week.

Last week, after the Chiefs game, really clarified that I’m far from the only person who is sick of them. We are all sick of the Patriots. We are all incredibly eager to watch them finally fall. We are incredibly ready to see Belichick step down, to see sad Brady face. Even Patriots fans are kind of fatalistic, exposing that they know the end is coming and they are dreading it. Last monday the Patriots got stomped by Alex Smith and the Chiefs, and the entire sports world blew up. IT”S THE END. BRADY IS DONE. THEY PUT IN JANEANE GAROFOLO AND HE SCORED A TD, BRADY DIDN’T HIGH FIVE HIM. BELICHICK HAS LOST IT, HE’S DUMB. JOSH MCDANIELS IS A HACK. IT’S OVER.

Everyone jumped on the Pats now suck bandwagon. Everyone wanted to believe it was finally over. Personally? I found it confusing. The Pats went into a very hostile environment (The Chiefs stole the Decibel record from Seattle again), played a tough team, and had a bad game. It’s not the first bad game Brady and Co have ever had, but it was the first where Brady looked that lost, and the entire team flatlined in such a way. But it was one game. The Patriots have been a dominant force for over a decade, shouldn’t they get more benefit of the doubt before we condemn them? People were making a big deal of Janeane Garofolo scoring a TD drive late, but why? When the Pats put in Garofolo it was a signal to everyone that they had given up the game. The Chiefs knew it and stopped trying. There was no QB controversy at all, but we are all just so damn eager to see them fall that we made one anyway.

We are all so eager to see them fall that we spent a week claiming the end has come, and in the process gave the most dominant team of the past decade a chip on their shoulder. The Patriots came into this week with a Chip on their shoulder. THE PATRIOTS. THIS IS WHY YOU DO NOT STICK A FORK IN IT UNTIL IT’S OVER. One early season game doesn’t mean that much in the NFL. Now the Pats look good again and we all just have to sit here in the Patriots bed we made. They are still flawed, and one good game against a confused Cincinnati team in Foxboro certainly doesn’t mean the Patriots are suddenly gods. But before we start sticking the fork in again, lets let the season play itself out first, eh? I have a personal policy, I try not to judge a team or player based on one game, or one season, because things can change in a hurry. I’d rather let things play out and look at the results. Week 6 is this weekend. We are still at a point where we aren’t even sure who the truly good teams and truly bad ones are.

Shut up and let the games happen. If the Pats miss the playoffs, then I think we can start the dogpile.