First off, Happy Birthday Dad, I made this comic for you. I didn’t appreciate or understand Trek much when I watched them with you as a child, but they stuck with me and without all those hours watching the original series finally sort of paid off.

Some Washington fans have taken to calling Kirk Cousins “Captain Kirk”. I approve of this nickname. As stated above, I used to watch episodes of the Original Series as a kid with my Dad. He had about half the series on VHS tape and we’d watch certain ones a lot. I remember a lot of those episodes by heart, although I recently rediscovered it on Netflix and I’m getting a far bigger appreciation for what the show was doing. I also see why Dad watched certain episodes and not others. As I write this in the background I have an episode going where lava monsters from a magma planet resurrect Abe Lincoln and make Abe, Kirk and Spock fight bad guys from history for “teaching purposes”. I can’t imagine why this episode isn’t considered a classic. When I saw Washington playing Seattle this weekend, I couldn’t help but think of Star Trek for some reason, so I made this.

Anyway, I’m a nerd, have a nice day.