You might have noticed the altered title on this comic, and that is because this comic is a collaborative effort!  For this comic I partnered with Rob Press of Too Much Mustard, a stick figure comic about football and probably the only other sports comic on the internet worth reading. Be sure to check his comic out, Rob’s a funny guy and is able to squeeze a lot of great stuff out of stick figures, and he has his own Sexy Rexy in Jeff George.

His old Archive here
His Current comics are now being hosted on Football and Rational Thoughts, a small NFL humor blog run by the fine goons of Something Awful’s Football Funhouse, which for those of you who aren’t SA members is the web forum were The Draw Play actually started. F.A.R.T. (Named intentionally. Fart is what we call Football Art, because we are 5).

Anyway we decided to hook up for a collaborative effort because the Giants play the Eagles this Sunday night, and I am a Giants fan while Rob is a filthy Eagles fan (one of the better ones I suppose).  But we are both self-loathing pessimistic fans and that just means things will work out. This comic was written by him and illustrated by myself, and next time we team up I think I’m going to bring a blunt object and give him a stern talking to about not making me draw 22 panels.

As for the game itself, I don’t know what to think. It seems like the Eagles organization and Philly media has been ramping up lots of mockery about Eli for some reason (He’s been in the league ten years, but I never remember this rivalry having this kind of official trash talk sort of thing happen). A lot of it seems to be based around Eli throwing lots of picks like somehow that’s even news at this point. Eli throws a lot of dumb picks, and he’s never not thrown a lot of picks. Last year wasn’t even his first league leading in pick throwing. I hope Eli has a perfect game and embarrasses the Eagles in Philly, but the football gods are cruel and life is pain so I’m expecting a loss.

However, if I have to trash talk, I would like to say this to Eagles fans who love laughing at Eli’s tendency to throw the ball to the wrong jersey:

If you were a fan, and a guy appears in front of you from 10 years in the future. He tells you “Okay, so you can have this QB. He looks goofy and everyone else will constantly berate him. He will throw lots of interceptions. In 10 years, you will make the playoffs 5 times, and 3 of those times he will shit the bed.

But the other two times? you will win it all. One of which is one of the greatest upsets in sports history”

I guarantee you almost every fan would take that deal. There is a reason Giants fans vehemently defend Eli despite his issues. Why we defend him to the death and are quick to blame everyone but him, even in the face of evidence that he’s wildly inconsistent and really only played like a top 3 QB one year (2011). No matter what damage he’s done, what picks he’s thrown, and what faces he’s made, he gave us 18-1, and that game alone made every bad throw Eli makes worth it. 

I love that man.