During the month of April, after free agency has died down, that’s when the complaints start. The post-season high lasts for most of February. Free Agency makes March fun. April is dedicated to draft stuff, and unless you’re really  into that sort of stuff (I am not) April can get pretty dry. It’s just article after article of “who should your team draft? Where should this player go? Here is a scouting report! Uh Oh, this prospect has tiny hands!” that sorta shit. This is when people start wanting football back. I get it. the draft can be exhausting and after a month of that sort of prospectus nonsense you just want the draft to actually happen, you want anything to happen, because it’s the offseason, and there is no football. Except Arena football, as whoever that obsessive commenter I have likes to point out, but come on, Arena Football. Nah.

I kind of feel bad for those people who endlessly complain about that era before the draft. “Come back football” they cry, only slightly ironically. Because even though I hate draft coverage, I’ll still take it over what we have for the next 3 months. In a month those people will be clamoring for mock drafts. Now we enter the offseason of our discontent. If you like other sports you get basketball and hockey playoffs for the next month, which is cool. If you like baseball at least you get to see that, even though football comes back right when baseball begins to actually matter. Maybe you like golf. Good for you. Is NASCAR season a thing now? I don’t even know or care. Point is, for us football fans, May, June, and July suck. It’s full of nothing. You’ll get entire weeks of content about who made the goddamn Madden cover because the talking heads gotta comment on something. I was grateful for deflategate last season because it was actual news, constantly developing over the course of the year. We had something to hold onto. I hope we get something like that again (or deflategate just continues because why wouldn’t it).

So brace yourselves and hope for the best, because we just got dropped off in the desert and we are miles from water.

In PODCAST NEWS I have a name now, and as one commentor requested, a link on the site! Look at the top right corner of the sidebar if you haven’t seen it already and you’ll see the link. The picture links to the latest podcasts. This week I got a fellow Giants fan draft expert onboard and talked draft.