Arizona Cardinals 29th overall pick Robert Nkemdiche seems like a pretty weird dude. He was considered a top talent in the draft but thanks to some character concerns caused by him..uh…falling out of a 4 story window during a party while drunk and high, he fell in the draft just like Ole Miss teammate Laremy Tunsil. He also seemed to dodge taking responsibility for his actions in the incident, naming names of other people at the party who ¬†didn’t come down and admit they were there. Still, he was a big talent, and the Cardinals possibly got a huge steal at #29, because Nkemdiche is really good. The Cards seem to have a good culture and have already turned around the Honey Badger so the desert is a good place for him to land. But like I said, he seems..weird.

Case in point, he claims to want a pet panther. 

Okay then. That strikes me as a rather poor use of your newfound wealth. I can’t tell if Nkemdiche is even serious, because again, he seems like a weird dude. The Cardinals had Darnell Dockett on the team for a while and he had pet alligator, so maybe there is just something about the Cardinals that attracts people who like weird impractical pets.