I was pretty mad when the G-men took Eli Apple at #10. Up to the draft I was joking that it would be fun to have two Eli’s on one team but I never thought they’d actually do it. Especially with VH3 still on the board. I’d also have preferred Tunsil, but the Giants are too stubborn about that sort of thing to actually pull the trigger. Apple was a reach at #10, we could have traded back and picked him up in the late teens and the pick would have felt far less stupid. Maybe he’ll be good, and I’ll eat my words. He’ll play slot corner to cover up the fact that we have zero linebackers. We had bigger needs (like, you know, LINEBACKERS), but the position itself could use some more potential bodies out there.

I was happy with the rest of the Giants draft. Sterling Shepard seems like another WR with OBJ skills (though probably not as good) and it’ll be nice to have him opposite Beckham while Cruz gets a reduced role since he likely won’t be as good anymore. Darian Thompson plays center field safety, possibly our most needed position after last year. He’ll join like 5 previously injuried guys and compete for the spot, and most importantly will get strong safety Landon Collins up close where he belongs. Collins sucked as a FS. Then we picked some linebacker in the 4th. I fully expect another special teams player out of him, like most linebackers we choose. Paul Perkins from UCLA seemed like a dumb pick to me because we already have 5 RBs but when I cracked jokes on twitter a lot of people called it a great pick. He seems like a small shifty quick guy. I hope this means Andre Williams gets cut, the 1 yard hammer has no vision. Then we grabbed a TE who will probably never do a thing. All in all, a B for this draft. First pick was a headscratcher, we didn’t grab any linemen, but the picks seem fine.

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